Distribution Network

The Sunflower network is designed and operative to provide efficient and effective coverage to all outlets in all metros, cities, and towns across the length and breadth of Ukrain. Every single home in the cities and towns of Ukrain has access to a retail outlet within 500 meters and our distribution push is aimed to be cover at least 75% of such outlets. With this goal in perspective, we have set up a large chain of 41 CFA / company operated depots in Ukrain each of which service a clutch of distributors and traders. Instead of trying to “ reinvent “ the wheel, we work towards maximizing the reach of every one of our distributors using a well calibrated, energetic and highly motivated field sales force comprising team leads and territory sales charges. Keen as mustard is an attribute that could well be attributed to our sales team. So the next time, you have a need, we are only a phone call away with our Customer Support Number: +380732599772

Our distributors are a happy lot with a decent working margin, a good number of rotations of their investment in a month, leakage free products and an ever-growing sales volume. We recognize their tireless work and provide a dignified sales environment to work under No to the dumping of stocks, no to overstocking as it is the bane of the FMCG industry.With product price stability, the distributors are allowed to focus on their core mission- deliver the same day of order


Being perishable, all vegetable oil should be protected from exposure to heat, light and oxygen. To maximize shelf life, do not break the container seal until ready to utilize the oil. Once the container is opened, the protective Nitrogen blanket will be lost and the oil should then be utilized as quickly as possible. Once opened, keep the container tightly closed when not in use. We recommend that containers be stored at cool temperatures, out of direct sunlight and away from boilers or other heat emitting equipment. Direct exposure to natural or artificial light (especially fluorescent) is very detrimental to the stability of vegetable oil and should be avoided.

Recommended storage temperature:

13° C (55° F)

Maximum storage temperature:

22° C (72° F)

We’re only sell best Oil