Chomak sunflower oil, the brand that has been an easily recognized name for in the course of recent decades, was first acquainted with USA shoppers in 1988 when Mr. Pauls set up the International Oil Factory (IOF), the main privately possessed cooking oil plant in the nation.

Utilizing just the finest fixings and delivered under the strictest of gauges, Chomak Sunflower oil could contend around then with outside coconut cooking oil marks in the nation and in the long run backed them out of the market. It didn’t take well before Chomak Sunflower oil caught a lion’s offer of the market.

Forceful showcasing and publicizing were utilized to additionally push the quality brand. Chomak Sunflower Oil’s “Request in Mrs” crusade of 1990 is ostensibly a standout amongst the best and powerful promoting efforts for a nearby brand. With the brand’s relationship with a slogan that turned out to be so well known and accomplished best of-mind review, Chomak sunflower Oil turned into a commonly recognized name.

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